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The best things in life are definitely not free

The best things in life are definitely not free

The best things in life are free , beautiful lyrics giving out a very welcoming message to the way of life . The question though arises if it is really true and if all things are indeed free in life . Let us take the most common example , our environment . Are basic needs are clean air clean water and good health for all creatures , but do we get them free No we don 't we have to buy them (Bateman .R

There are many natural resources available

to mankind which over the years has been waning . This is happening because of many reasons , some of them being population explosion , deforestation , erosion of land and pollution (land , water , air and noise

There are some countries such as China who have understood the effect of population rise and have effectively taken steps to control the birth rate . But there are other countries that still have not woken up to the population explosion crisis , such as India . Increase in population gives rise to increase of pollution on the roads due to huge amounts of traffic . Then there is the increase of consumption of electricity , water and even electrical and electronic goods

The use of electricity instead of coal is very harmful for our environment and the natural resource is running out although not much is being done about keeping the fuel consumption low . The amount of gas used for daily transport is shocking , with it has come spiraling prices of fuel and still there is no sign of people who want to give up the comfort of their personal transport and use public transport

The noise levels increase crushing the sweet natural melodies of the animals and birds . Wildlife extinction is another grave reason for the lack of pure air and drinking water

Industrial fishing has led to the loss of many species , because one of the main disadvantages of it is the removal of considerable quantities of species from the bottom of the food chain . This reduces food availability for maritime mammals and even reduces procreation success

The use of harmful pesticides and insecticides on agriculture means that there is destruction of plants , animals and birds who unknowingly feed on them . Of course even human beings are not immune to it , there are many vegetables and fruits being sold all over that are inorganic and many do not buy organic food because they find it very expensive

Mankind has become selfish , they don 't think about sustainability or even restoration , in general they don 't think about the future or even the mistakes that they are making . Future generations are going to suffer a lot for minimal requirements of clean air and water Governments , organizations and institutions can make changes to the way they manage and use natural resources but there only a few who are actually taking initiatives to do something about

We can thus come up with three main points , clean air , clean water...

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