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What is the best advice you have ever received, and why?


I have related with a number of people since I joined the league of inhabitants of the earth when I was born . Some of them have been enriching while others have not . In these interactions , I have listened to advice but the best advice I have ever taken in my life is Sincere effort and hard work will lead you to success . This states that if we put sincere effort with hard work , we gain sure success in life . This is the

best advice because it helped me in many situations and in particular , when I was in 9th grade . Sometimes we succeed without much effort : that 's with luck . It does not take much time before we realize that leaving everything to luck lead us to loose everything we are trying for . And the most thing to loose is self-confidence . There will be only success and learning experiences with hard work and sincere effort but no failures . This is a big lesson that I learned in 9th grade

I can still recount the experience where this principle worked . Back in India when I was in 8th grade , we had to take regional tests that were necessary to every eighth grader to get at least B to be promoted to next grade level i .e . 9th . I was good at all subjects except in social studies . I never got good grade on that subject because I was not so much interested in history . My favorite and interesting subjects are always mathematics and science . When I had to take regional tests , I thought that I might pass this test with luck . However , many practice tests that I took as part of preparation proved that I was wrong . This was big cause for concern , as I would be retained in the same grade for the next year just because of this one subject . I worried tremendously as I lost confidence and thought that I would fail this test

I asked my social studies teacher to help me out of this situation . She gave me the best advice that Sincere effort with hard work will get you success ' and the best way to overcome my adversity was to work hard . She gave me some special classes and I almost spent 2hrs a day on studying that particular subject . The previous night before the test day , I was preparing until 1 .a .m , which is unbelievable for me because I never spent that much time on any other subject . On the test day , I take the test with ease and confidence . I understand that the effort is usually painful at the beginning it requires sacrifice

Finally , my hard work did pay off . I got good grade in the test and I never failed any test again . I thanked my teacher . The lesson I learned was that luck plays minor role in success and was unsure whereas hard work with sincere effort gives us...

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