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What is the best way to address obesity in the U.S.?

Running Head : Some Possible Solution to the Problem of Adult Obesity

Some Possible Solution to the Problem of Adult Obesity


I . Introduction

Obesity is a condition characterized by the storage of excess fat Although the number of fat cells is fixed by adulthood , these cells can grow in size or shrink as weight gained or lost . Physicians classify as obese those persons who are at least 20 percent over the recommended weight . It is believed that approximately one-fifth of the adults in the United States are obese . Obesity places

a strain on the body particularly the heart and lungs . Obese persons are more likely to contract hypertension , diabetes , gallstones , gout , and heart disease than persons of normal weight . At present , obesity is one of the major dilemmas not only for the Americans but as well as the entire globe (Fairburn Brownell , 2005 . It is not only the problem of the women who are conscious of their figures but as well as men who really suffer this illness . Obesity is like a dreadful disease that most individuals want to avoid

This suggests and discusses the best way to address obesity in the U .S

II . Discussion

Obesity is believed to be hereditary . Sometimes obesity is the result of a condition in which fat cells do not produce enough adipsin , a protein regulating appetite and metabolism . Restricted diets and exercise programs are not always effective means of weight loss for obese persons , particularly those with health problems . More severe measures , such as surgery , are sometimes recommended . In a procedure called gastric banding , a silicon band is surgically placed around the stomach , limiting its size . The person feels full with less food

Another means of weight loss for obese people is bariatric surgery , or surgery for morbid obesity . It is performed only after other nonsurgical attempts at weight control have failed . The first surgical procedure to treat morbid obesity was the jejunoileal bypass . This procedure , which resulted in significant complications , has been largely replaced by gastric restriction procedures (Kopelman , 2001 . Gastric bypass and vertical banded gastroplasty are the current operations of choice . These procedures may be performed laparoscopically or by an open surgical technique

After weight loss , the patient may need surgical intervention for body contouring . This may include lipoplasty to remove fat deposits or a panniculectomy to remove excess abdominal skinfolds

III . Conclusion

In conclusion , in to lose weight , a person must do one of three things (1 ) consume fewer calories than are needed to maintain the body 's weight at the normal level of activity (2 ) consume the number of calories needed to maintain the body 's weight but increase activity (3 consume fewer calories and increase activity . Calories measure the fuel value , or heat energy , provided by food for body functions . In to lose one pound , a person must consume 3 ,500 fewer calories than he or she normally does . However , the best way to address this issue is to encourage the individuals to have...

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