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batterer treatment programs for domestic violence

Running Head : Batterer Treatment Programs







Domestic violence and especially battering has been identified as a form of aggression in the society for decades now . Even though , battering has been categorized as a criminal by the criminal justice system , its treatment has been handled differently from other forms of aggression Over the past two decades , efforts have been applied to address the problem of wife battering . The development of treatment programs has been rapid which has subsequently increased batterer 's right to

br programming . Battering is inevitably associated with family violence and the general societal violence . This means that the existence of battering will continue unless the structures of power within the society is changed and thereby forbidding it . The change of the society alone is not enough to address the problem of battering . In addition to this change , individual involved in battering practices must also change (Mederos , 1999

The purpose of this is therefore to examine how the batterers can be changed . In particular , it aims at providing effective treatment programs that can be applied to address the problem of battering . The examines the roles that have been played by criminal justice in addressing battering problem and the existing treatment approaches that have been effectively applied to remedy this behavior

Criminal justice system intervention to battering

There exist a number of criminal justice responses to battering However , battering has continued for years due to the reluctance of the victims to report such cases...

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