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The back of the bus essay by Mary Mebane

The back of the Bus

From what I saw in the essay , Mary Mebane lived in a society that was full of oppression and discrimination against the blacks . In the essay she recounted her experience of a usual ride in a bus on a Saturday morning . It was a time that blacks were seen as invaders ' and odious in America . I guess that the time that this essay was written was a time when human rights activists stood up to defend the rights of the blacks Consequently , some laws were made in to

lay their claims off and to look just , although these laws were not followed in the real sense of it

Furthermore , one thing one thing that I noticed in Mary 's work is the passion with which the essay was written and her the way she was detailed . Arguably , she could have been actually participated actively in the Union protests in America then . My assertion is informed by her rather passionate and expressive way by which she made the reader feel the pain that blacks were actually going through at that time

In the essay , Mary tells of how , even after laws were already made on racial segregation , blacks in America still lived a life of restriction From the essay , we can see that although these laws were said to be enacted , they were merely a fazade and there was still segregation all around America . Blacks were avoided like pests and they naturally sort of know their place in the society . It was like a situation where blacks were told that they were part of the society yet judging by the actions behaviors of the people , they were still strangers and they were still seen as inferior in America . Blacks were the suspects when it comes to crime and it was a time when blacks had to face the horrors of cruelty injustice and utmost discrimination

Summarily , I see Mary Mebane 's Back of the Bus ' as a mirror that shows the life that blacks were forced to live in and the usual occurrences that happen to them day-to-day . It is a sort of a diary that contains the visual of the people we regard as Black Americans today...

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