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articles that relate to China and globalization


China and Globalization

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China and Globalization

Globalization has caused many changes economically , politically socially among other features and a good example to explain this is in China which has caused so many changes . It is out of the globalization process in china that we have both winners and losers in most a time you find that it 's only the poor in the society who will tend to loose . One of

these issues is the inequality case which tends to happen in most of the societies in China . You will find that it 's only the rich people who will remain rich at the expense of the poor in the society . It is through globalization that there are many case of inequality especially in the sharing of the countries resources . It is through the northern and the Southern NGOs that have come up so that they can try to resolve these differences through the provision of free services to the poor in China (Aronson , 2001

These NGOs are usually non profit organizations and their major roles are to help the needy people in the society . So in this case you will find that the poor members in the society will tend to benefit through their services . They offer free services so most of the financial strains in China will tend to be overcome in that most of the budget which was set for helping...

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