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Paper Topic:

3 articles Summary/Response

Article 1

The first article is titled Feeding our Future ' and is written by Michael Ableman . Using the example of Goleta Valley Junior High School the article laments about the destructive love affair that school children have with unhealthy processed foods such as beef sandwiches and cheeseburgers , and their studious avoidance of healthy alternatives such as organically grown vegetables and fruits . Repeated attempts at interesting the school to trash the junk food in favor of the healthier alternatives has failed . By insisting on feeding the kids with the processed foods , we

are saddling an entire generation with lifestyle diseases such as obesity , and spawning generations that lack focus and have difficulty being still (Ableman , 564

With lifestyle diseases such as Obesity , Type II diabetes and heart diseases (all of which arise as a consequence of unhealthy diets becoming the number one killer in the US today , the society is slowly but surely destroying rather than building its future by insisting on bringing up its young ones on junk food

Article 2

The second article is by Felice Schwartz , and is titled the mommy track ' isn 't anti woman . In this article , Schwartz answers critics who assert that her previous article that had stated that hiring women employees is costlier than hiring men will scare off employers from hiring women (Schwartz , 395 . She states that even though the productivity of women is affected by issues like child birth and child caring , the payoffs from women employees exceeds the associated costs Additionally...

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