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art in america

There was a move away from a product based aesthetic in the arts (sculpture , painting etc ) to event or performance based art in the fifties : cite some examples as to why this occurred . For instance : was this due to a changing political climate ? Was it in reaction to what came before ? Be as specific as you can

According to Carolyn Kinder Carr , Deputy Director , National Portrait Gallery , art in America took an evolution process in the fifties . Soon after world war two , a group of painters in New York took advantage of the

political climate to change their view of art . In the earlier centuries , art to them focused mainly on Paris , but they chose to involve the rest of the nation as well as the rest of the world , the great experiences that surrounded them as well as the aftermath of the Second World War

Artists who contributed to the change from Aesthetic establishment to Abstract Expressionism included , Jackson Pollock , Willem de Kooning Philip Guston , Adolph Gottlieb , Franz Kline , Robert Motherwell , Barnett Newman , Ad Reinhardt , Mark Rothko , and Clyfford . They did portraits of critics and like Clement Greenberg , Harold Rosenberg , and Thomas Hess who also expressed the importance of the movement

A few terms used to define this type of art were "Action painting "American-type painting " and the "New York School , but to most scholars , it was appreciated as a highly developed American art in the fifties . They also found it to be an organized , logical and creative experience a new way of expression

Another factor that made it possible for the artists to involve change in their way of expression was the geographical center . Most of the artists involved lived in New York , hence were well acquainted with each other , interacted often and hence shared a common view in regards to art , even though their paintings varied from general paintings to highly reserved paintings . This group of artists dissociated themselves from numerical concepts as well as societal practicality which were the two governing principals in the 1930s . To them , art was no longer about replicating forms within their environment , but the expression of indescribable ideas and experiences . For most of them , art was a search for inspiration and went beyond just form . All artists , however agreed that "art was not about an experience , but was itself the experience Just like the poets of that time challenged the mythical beliefs that existed and tried to involve real life experiences in their work , so did the artists of the 1950s create unique images by assimilating their personal imaginations and thoughts with original structures

The social setting in which Abstract Expressionism began was basically due to friendships formed in the Depression-era New York . A complex and strong web of friendship and relationships developed as each new artist came into New York . This friendships were further toughened by the nearness of their studios , hence sharing of ideas and influence on each other 's artistic behaviors

The artists living down town had...

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