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argumentative essay

The decision that student 's can legally sale class notes is the message that was heard in Gainesville , Florida . This is a message that could and should easily apply to college campuses everywhere . Auditorium size classrooms are a clear disservice to students and do not offer the benefits that are central to a quality college education . Due to this basic understanding , there should be a way that students can recoup the costs that are associated with the required auditorium classes

Sadly , the skills that are required for successful careers are not developed

in the impersonal setting of an auditorium class . In such a setting there is little opportunity for comment , meaning that the development of an appropriate student /professor communication technique is never discovered . Auditorium classes simply do not allow students to become personally engaged in their college educational experience , and prevent them from gaining the valuable skills that will be essential to their success later in a career . These skills are developed later in a more intimate class setting , but the growth could be even greater if there were opportunities presented earlier

With this understanding , it is clear that there is absolutely nothing wrong with purchasing notes for a professor 's lecture . Those opposed to this view might argue that the lecture information is the professor 's source of livelihood , and by selling the information the professor is losing the source for financial gain . However , the lecture notes do not serve as the primary source of income . The expertise and knowledge to issue the lecture does . This difference is important because it stands as the separation between assumption and reality . The auditorium courses are required for the incoming students , therefore the demand for those classes will not decrease and the professor 's course schedule will remain consistent . Their livelihood is secure because their course load is secure

Beyond the idea that the note selling will somehow remove the professor 's livelihood is the idea that by purchasing notes a student is shortening their educational experience . They won 't learn how to take notes , listen , or assimilate information . This argument is based on the idea that the information shared in the course requires assimilation and not basic regurgitation through a quiz or exam . In an auditorium setting there is no possible way for a student to participate in a personal fashion . This means that there is no opportunity to discuss the details of the course in an interaction with the professor . This also means that there is not an opportunity to ask questions , because the class size is simply too large to facilitate such an event from taking place . The course cannot present information that requires extensive questioning because those questions cannot be answered . The professor is simply not able to meet the needs of all the students in the course

The end result is that if a student prefers to develop real relationships with lively scholars and interesting professors , then they will need to take the time that would...

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