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argumentative essay

Is Dependence on Computers a good thing

Being dependent on computers now that one can do almost anything through them is not only good - it could be best , considering that today 's fast-paced , highly competitive world expects man to do more than what is physically possible . In fact computers now aid man at work and at home and even when commuting between the two points . Computers now pervade practically all facets of life that man and society just cannot do without them

The impact of computers is felt as early as the

elementary days as grade school pupils are now being trained to do research through the internet High school and college days increase a student 's dependence on the internet as more and more research projects are being assigned them Aside from school-related activities , students nowadays are making extensive use of online messaging systems to maintain contact with each other even during vacation seasons . Americans with relatives in far-flung places are also making use of electronic mails to keep their family connections alive in spite of the distance between them

Immediately after leaving school , a college graduate feels the impact of computers as soon as he or she starts looking for work . This is because many companies nowadays only advertise job openings and entertain job applicants through job hunting sites like America 's Job Bank and CareerBuilder . Job hunters can also make use of numerous web sites where they can post their qualifications for employers to peruse and scan the job vacancies or personnel requirements posted by employers An example of this is Online Jobs .com where both employers and jobseekers sign up to satisfy their complementary needs . This only means that a college graduate or a job hunter who does not have access to a computer or does not have the skill to operate one is already at a disadvantage

Computers also allow people who , for one reason or another could not leave their homes to earn their living . Telecommuting or work-from-home arrangements make this possible . With telecommuting , a housewife can even work only during her free time , after all the household chores are done . Wheelchair-bound people and older citizens are now employed in telecommuting while students and the underemployed are making use of this system to earn some extra money . Marketing , research , tutorials graphic designs , data encoding , and translations are only some of the jobs available online

In many instances , the internet has helped a lot of people : seriously ill indigents in need of financial assistance , people who are looking for lost relations , and victims of injustice seeking amends . The sad plight of the impoverished peoples in Africa and parts of Asia catches the attention of the rest of the world much easier and faster when it is posted on the web . In many instances , world opinion has been influenced this way . Blogs opened by concerned citizens inviting comments on almost every sensitive issue and subjects of interest is becoming a very effective method of involving the...

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