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argument analysis essay

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Finding Politics in Romance

Arguing the Irish Experience in James Joyce 's Araby

I . Introduction

James Joyce 's short story , Araby , may be initially received by most of its readers as a poignant tale of young love - as depicted by the almost obsessive attitude of the protagonist toward a lass he is interested in . The perceived significance of the story 's literary elements of plot , setting , and action may be within this discussion of young adulthood in terms of romance however , a closer

reading will reveal an objective more akin to social commentary and cultural identity

Set in Joyce 's early twentieth-century Ireland , the story is narrated in first-person by the young boy , who begins by providing a graphic of the Dublin he sees and calls home . He is under the care of his aunt and uncle , and is terribly infatuated with his friend Mangan 's sister . Because of this interest , the boy intends to visit the town 's Araby bazaar in to purchase a trinket or two for the girl however , his uncle 's late arrival prompts him to make the trip to Araby right before it closes . While there , the boy finds that the only a few stalls are open , and proceeds to survey the wares in one that is manned by an Englishwoman . He attempts to buy something , yet is ignored by the shopkeep - and thus makes for the story 's ending , as the boy 's eyes burns with anguish...

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