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Paper Topic:

appropriate use of the following technologies

Information Technology and Applications

1 . XML

XML or Extensive Markup Language is a system of language used to create different applications within the net . It is primarily referred to as extensive because it allows the internet users or the web developers to put in a certain personal touch in their own created sites . Likely , the idea of the system is to help the developers make a system that would best work for them and the target users of whom they are preparing to cater to

The systems of XML are actually

considered user friendly by the judging authorities such as the Worldwide Web Consortium or W3C . Likely , the features of the said system make it easier for web developers to become considerably comprehensive and competent with the web requirements that are needed to pass the critics to be able to publish their own sites Understandably , this system is likely a matter of free-open-source that gives assistance even to those who are novice in creating websites in the net . Such system of language runs within the arrangement shown within the diagram below

2 . Source code management systems

The source code management systems is a set of arranged procedures with which web developers are able to manage the s and informations coming in and out of the web creations that they made . This particular management of details gives the developers a systematic understanding on how their system is accepted by the users and also gives them time to evaluate on how matters of their developed webs could still be improved for their clients and for their own reputation in service as well

To illustrate the system better , the diagram below shall show the process by which information itself passes the different operations

As per noted through the diagram above , SCM appears to be the sorting system as to where the information entered by users of a certain website should be processed . The arrangement of the informations shall then help the developers identify the process needed to be taken care of to be able to best handle the needs of the clients that they are serving through the websites that they are running for operations

3 . Class libraries

Class libraries are noted to be a source of all languages available to all those who are using the .NET frameworks . Class libraries then allow the users , even the developers of the net to have a better understanding of the terms and systems used in creating websites thus allowing them to become more competent in the said phase of applying information technology into better functions

More than just dictate to the web users the meaning of the operations that they are supposed to undergo during the process of creating sites in the internet , this software allows the primary users an easier way of applying the said operations in a less technical manner that used to be understood by IT professionals alone . It is obviously a user friendly tool that intends to cater to all users...

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