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appreciation essay on william wordsworth

A Spiritual Reality

How do you feel when you see flowers growing on the roadside ? To the author , William Wordsworth , in his immortal lyric poem , I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud , flowers and all of nature 's richness is a spiritual reality , bearing witness to the beauty and goodness of God . The poem expresses the writer 's personal feelings and emotions

The poet used an apt comparison of the speaker to a lonely cloud willing to be carried anywhere without direction , just floating away anywhere , wherever . The simile used is a kind

where the quality is inferred , comparing a person to a cloud , without naming the quality similar to the compared objects . Although the stanzas were written in six lines , the poem follows a rhyme of four verses with each stanza consisting of two successive lines of verse usually rhymed having four metrical feet . While in his lonely mood , the speaker in the poem sees a crowd . A crowd of flowers , personified as human beings , golden daffodils all over the lake , under the trees flapping up and down as if dancing in the cooled wind and snatches away the solitary mood of the speaker in the poem , and joyfully found himself not all alone but at peace in the company of God 's other beautiful creations . What an identity-switching technique ' with its simple plot about nature memory and musical eloquence (Racadio , Reyes Ribo 75

While revisiting the banks of the Wye , Tintern Abbey ' was written in l798 and like Wordsworth 's other famous poems , its theme is focused on the beauty of nature and memory . The poem was written in blank verse unrhymed verses having five metrical feet like a piece of prose flowing , very natural and read easily . Similar to I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud , Tintern Abbey ' is a monologue where the speaker talks to himself , addressing others at times . Flushing in the scene in the idea of an abbey is a faint breed of religious thought although the actual form of the structure is not contained in the poem . Wordsworth uses romanticism by describing the pleasure brought by nature . This poem is all about past memories as he tries to bring back those lost memories In the few lines of the poem , the poet experiences emotional pain in reminiscing his childhood , his communion with nature . In his last paragraph , Wordsworth wished that her sister Dorothy survived his death to share and continue his memories so that his love for nature will live on . But one thing is definite that Wordworth will be remembered for his poems and his memories will live on (Ches

Nay , we are seven ' a famous last line in William Wordsworth poem We Are Seven . Wordsworth , known for his works about nature , We Are Seven ' is centered on the supernatural . Its theme is about innocence and how it regresses because humanity destroys it . The supernatural beliefs of the main character in the poem that her dead siblings still exist , subjected the poem to ridicule...

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