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apoptosis and angiogenesis in the development, progression and treatment of breast cancer

RUNNING HEAD : Apoptosis and Angiogenesis

Apoptosis and Angiogenesis : Breast Cancer

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MM /DD /YY : Apoptosis and Angiogenesis : Breast Cancer


Normally , angiogenesis and apoptosis function as the natural regulators of cellular activity , proliferation and programmed cell death . As defined by Harmey (2004 , angiogenesis is regulated by a network of inducing and inhibiting factors under physiologic conditions , whereas in pathologic conditions , such as regulation is altered or absent (p .40 According to Gasparini (2001 , angiogenesis normally permits growth and development , cellular repair , and wound

healing by increasing the vascularization within the damaged region , which consequently increases blood circulation and cellular nutrient distribution . Meanwhile apoptosis or programmed cellular death ' acts as the natural regulator of cellular quantity directed by DNA transcriptase and cellular mediators controlling cellular proliferation and the allowed number of differentiated cells within the area (Coleman and Tsongalis , 2001 br

.357 . Angiogenesis and apoptosis have been the principal elements of focus in clinical cancer studies over the past decade acknowledging their pathological role in tumor growth , invasion of cancer cells , and metastasis in many cancer malignant cases (Harmey , 2004

.40 Physiologically , apoptosis targets the molecular pathways of DNA replication during the normal cell cycle deregulating and interrupting the cellular repair through mitosis as well as DNA replication , which consequently inactivates the cellular regulating mechanism known as the programmed cellular death (Coleman and Tsongalis , 2001

.357 Basically , tumor development turns-off the natural regulator of cellular proliferation by genetically derailing apoptotic mechanism , while at the same...

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