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Running Head : Approach to Non Human Primates in Contemporary World Non Human Primates Bound to Extinction




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For hundreds of years , there is an inevitable desire for man to explore his origin . Are human beings created by someone transcendental or did they evolve from primate species just like apes or mammals ? This big question and human 's desire to find commonalities are still manifested in research and science . Humans according to Charles Darwin are said to be the descendants of primate species . The

evidence that humans have evolved from non humans is as strong as or stronger than that for evolution within most other groups (Nelson and Nickels 1999 . For this reason , non human primates became a great advantage for humanity most specifically for study and research in the world of science and anthropology . Government , social and environmental groups or institutions established various programs to preserve non human primate species

Non human primates should be preserved since they are slowly deteriorating in number thus , it is bound to extinction . In the world of anthropology , non human primates are significant research subjects because they found many similarities with humans . The common belief that humans came from primates and so they shared common ancestry is the major reason why humans and non human primates have many common characteristics . Non human primates are used for various study and experimentation with the belief pattern that by learning more about primates , human beings may come to learn more about...

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