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Anthropology Essay

Anthropologists usually study human culture , as they are concerned in what it is to be human in all of our many different societies around the world today and in the past . In recent years , it has become a very diverse field with numerous areas of specialization

The two schools available in cultural anthropology are cultural materialism and cultural ecology . Cultural materialism apart from the many other schools differs in its approach as it combines the many schools of anthropological thought including evolutionary theory cultural ecology , and especially Marxist materialism

p Ethnology compares and analyzes the origins , distribution , technology religion , language , and social structure of the ethnic , racial and national divisions of humanity while ethnography studies single groups through direct contact with culture . Ethnologists take the research compiled by ethnographers then compares and contrasts the different culture

The Bushmen consist of individual groups with exclusive rights to a large area of land and usually moves around a desolate territory as a unit and changes home sites about once a month as the food supply became exhausted , while the Ulithi are limited only to a coral island where they get their food as subsistence . Anthropology focus on subsistence because it helps to trace the development of major cultures in history it also gains an application on the development of culture under investigation

The `universal pattern ' in human culture is the study of human life in diversity and underlying culture on how people live , what they think what they produce , and how they interact with their environments Infrastructure is of primary importance because it is an approach where the modes of production and reproduction are determined by the combination of ecological , technological , environmental , and demographic variables , which are aspects of infrastructure

Environmental degradation is an important issue that affects our world in the 21st century . Statistics shows that it one of the major culprits that bring many people to early death due to diseases and illness from environment mismanagement . When preparing to do fieldwork in another culture , it is important that they share an interest in making the finding sin anthropological research and must learn the local languages to gain an insider 's view of the culture

The combination of ecological , technological , environmental , and demographic variables as infrastructural condition helps explain these societies both have same descent groups . Kinship connotes certain basic human attachments made by all people , and it reflects the way in which people give meaning and ascribe importance to human interactions Internal versus external warfare influence locality and descent by the way their by basing their human relations in biological descent and marriage , linking blood relatives by marriage as significant for legal political and economic significance

Kinship is important to anthropologists because it is a universal phenomenon . The real and fictive kinship tells that by understanding the ties between values of people in a given society it is able to give meaning and give something as characteristic that each hold towards one another


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