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The world over the past years has experienced various changes in almost every aspect . This specifically focuses on some of those changes Disinvestment is one of these changes . It is also known as divestment and is done in various ways . An organization could sell off its assets reduce its capital expenditure or discontinue in investing in capital goods . This was majorly done to pressure the government or an organization to change a particular policy . Mass population shifts is yet another change that has been witnessed in the recent years . This

involves movement of great numbers of people from one place to another This was very common especially during the American civil war , where masses of people could move from one place and settle in safer places A lot of rebuilding of infrastructure and building and reinvestment has also become trendy in the past years . All these changes have however taken their particular dimension due to the impact of other factors These factors have played a major role in shaping the above discussed changes

Racism is a discrimination method based on one 's color and race Although racism was not common in the past centuries it has slowly evolved and is now very rampant . Consequently it has played a major role in shaping the above mentioned changes . There was a reported case of policemen who fired at a young African man killing him instantly Racism has also been experienced in places of work where the whites are given preference over the blacks . This is also very common in the provision of social amenities where the blacks were given very poor facilities or denied completely from accessing

This has as a consequence brought about dispossessing and acquisition of structural property . The blacks are dispossessed off their property while the whites acquire all the property at the expense of Africans Racism also has contributed in the long slave trade . The slaves were basically black people who were made servants of the whites . Racism has also contributed majorly in mass population shifts . This is evident in that oppression that is brought about by racism lead to rebellion where the group that is discriminated against revolts of the oppressive conditions . This in turn brings about civil wars . People then are forced to scamper and move in search of safer territories thereby causing mass population shifts . Gender has also been very instrumental in shaping dimensions of some of the changes that characterize today 's society . The female gender has to a large extent been discriminated and segregated as a weak gender . More often than not the female gender has been left out of responsibilities as they were considered incapable . It was also a common phenomenon to deny a woman opportunity for a job on the sole issue that she is a woman . This perception however has its foundation from most cultures where he woman was considered lesser of the gender in comparison with the male

An analysis of the language used by men to...

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