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annotated bibliography

Stewart , Kate . Madness and Drama in `The Cask of Amontillado Readings on the Short Stories of Edgar Allan Poe . Ed . Hayley Mitchell Haugen . San Diego : Greenhaven Press , 2001 . 80-86 Stewart likens Poe 's The Cask of Amontillado ' to a typical Elizabethan tragedy . As evidence , she relies on the different facets of Elizabethan tragedies , like the prototypical villain-hero ' in the form of Montresor , the presence of ghosts through the bones of Montresor 's ancestors , and the pervasiveness of gruesome terror , horror and violence . Finally , Stewart delineates the use of sound as an

effective dramatic technique , which sees its fullest realization in Poe 's use of the tinkling bells to serve as an aural reminder of Montresor 's crime

White , Patrick . In Defense of Montresor ' Readings on the Short Stories of Edgar Allan Poe . Ed . Hayley Mitchell Haugen . San Diego Greenhaven Press , 2001 . 87-93

In Montresor , White sees man 's chilling tendency for rationalizing violence . As the protagonist /antagonist kills Fortunato for grave insults ' he does so without remorse or guilt . The family 's coat of arms serves as his basis for exacting revenge , an act White believes carries with it the connotations of patriotic vengeance for the sake of he country 's honor

The Tale as Allegory ' Davidson , Edward H . Poe : a Critical Study Cambridge : Belknap

of Harvard UP , 1957 . 181-222

The Cask of Amontillado ' is seen as a questioning of the self 's multiple characters in Montresor . Through him , the various facets of the human psyche are explored , most especially the war that is continuously raging among them . This chapter shows the movement of Montresor from an intellectual , thinking being to one that is governed by brutality and animalistic tendencies

Henninger , Francis J . The Bouquet of Poe 's Amontillado ' South Atlantic Bulletin 35 .2 (1970 : 35-40 Though The Cask of Amontillado ' has long been regarded as a great Poe story , its predictability and its ending , which has been revealed from the start , prevents from being called his best work of fiction However , according to Henninger , it is because of this predictability that Amontillado ' is Poe 's best work

Baraban , Elena V . The Motive for Murder in `The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe ' Rocky Mountain Review of Language and Literature 58 .2 (2004 : 47-62

As The Cask of Amontillado ' fails to identify any real insult done by Fortunato to Montresor , most theorists simply describe Montresor as mad and deranged . However , the form and content of Amontillado demands a different reading . According to Baraban , the conflict between the two characters does not really arise from a specific insult but rather from the power relations between them . As such , it can be read as a social struggle

Schick , Joseph S . The Origin of `The Cask of Amontillado . American Literature 6 .1 (1934 : 18-21 Poe 's Amontillado ' owes much to the American Rev . Joel Tyler Headley 's Letters to Italy , which the latter published in 1854 . The similarities are as follows : the Italian setting nobility are involved deeds of murder are...

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