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The animals should not be used for scientific research. (Argumentative Essay)

Animals should not be used for Scientific Research



Animals should not be utilized for scientific research

Reasons `Against ' the Argument

Humankind cannot help but need and utilize animals for scientific experimentation for the sake of medical breakthroughs and advancements This is the reason why , for some people , they believe that there ought to be circumstances wherein animals should be utilized for scientific experimentation (Animal Welfare Institute n .p . These instances include the following

When the animals to be utilized are maintained and kept in the most

advantageous and best possible environment , then animals should be allowed to be used for scientific research (Animal Welfare Institute n .p . In a debate which I have attended in the past , animal rights advocates restated John Stuart Mill 's Utilitarianism , which is built on the concept or principles of utility , which he believes is the foundation of morals , and holds that actions are right in proportion as they tend to promote happiness , wrong as they tend to produce the reverse of happiness (Bennagen 162 . Animal rights ' advocates also reiterated that , happiness according to John Stuart Mill , is equated to pleasure and the absence of pain , while unhappiness , for him , refers to pain and the privation of pleasure (Bennagen 162 . They stated directly that since animals are utilized for scientific testing or experimentation , and that these animals are not happy about being utilized as such then human beings were already violating the rights of the animals (Bennagen 162

In addition , when there is no known possible substitute then animals should be utilized for scientific research (Animal Welfare Institute n .p . Although animal rights ' advocates do not agree that animals are commodities or properties that exist to serve humans , animals should still be used especially if there no other substitute for it (Animal Welfare Institute n .p

Also , when the animal /s to be utilized are under the supervision and care of an individual who is extensively trained , who is compassionate and sensitive enough to properly treat the subjects then it should be utilized for scientific research (Animal Welfare Institute n .p

Reasons `For ' the Argument

There are several reasons why animals should be utilized for scientific research . Some of these are the following

First of all , animal rights ' advocates believe that animals should be left in their natural habitat leading their usual way of life wherein they are allowed to roam freely (Freedom is a Basic Right of Animals n .p

Second , animals have the freedom and are supposed to be given ethical considerations in how people should mingle with them (Animal Welfare Institute n .p . Explaining further , the right of an animal to possess their own flesh means that , any human or human institution that trade animals for scientific testing , or any other purpose infringes upon the rights of the animal to possess its own being , therefore the property status of animals , which is used to maintain the use of animals for human ends is unethical because it ignores the rights of...

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