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analytical essay over a movie

About half-way through the movie Fandango , the group of guys who set out on a trip after college graduation , calling themselves the Groovers decide to take one of the guys , Philip , to go skydiving . There are many reasons as to how they end up going skydiving , but only one is significant

After meeting the young girls at a drive-in restaurant and shooting off fireworks with them , the guys are all a little tense from being on the road , having the front end of the car they are using ripped off when they

got the idea to be pulled by a train after running out of gas , and most importantly , about being drafted to go to Vietnam . Philip begins to scream at Gardner about taking Philip 's car on the trip , and ultimately ruining the vehicle , and how Gardner can 't grow up and be responsible , namely by running off to Mexico instead of going to Vietnam to fight in the war

Gardner then announces that they will go home , doing what Philip wants because , as Gardner states , Philip is pathetic ' and a weeny Hurt , Phlip yells that he is not a weeny ' and insists that he can take on anyone or anything , including skydiving at Pecos Parachute School . Gardner takes Philip up on the challenge and the group drives to Pecos Parachute School

When the boys get to Pecos Parachute School , they encounter Truman Sparks , the skydiving instructor . When Philip goes through training with Truman Sparks , the group cheers Philip on and they all laugh together . Seeing Philip make a fool of himself trying to do something he has no clue how to even approach lightens the mood and makes everyone comfortable

Truman Sparks ' character also helps to lighten the tense mood that the boys brought with them . Sparks is such a laid-back , humorous individual that it is hard to not laugh and have a good time . However , why Philip takes Sparks seriously is beyond comprehension

Turns out , maybe Philip shouldn 't have taken Sparks seriously . When the time comes to actually jump from the plane , Philip begins to get scared , but the group encourages him and gives him enough courage to just get in the plane . As the plane takes off , Sparks ' wife announces that Philip only has one working parachute , which is his reserve parachute . There is only laundry in the bag the other parachute is supposed to be in . Philip and Sparks are both ignorant to this slip

Gardner and the rest of the group are frantically trying to figure out a way to get Sparks or Philip 's attention to let them know not to allow Philip to jump . Just when Gardner thinks of a way to execute the message so it will be sent to Philip and Sparks , Sparks ' wife botches the idea . She begins to pick up the laundry that Gardner and the other guys have set on the ground to form the word DONT . By the time Sparks sees the message , it looks...

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