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An analysis of a transcript of an interview--coding-qualitative method

Adult Math

Qualitative Data Analysis

On the Effectiveness of GCSE Adult Math Class

By Coding Method

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Adult Math 2


Teaching math to an adult is a more difficult process than teaching to younger people . Adults tend to be less perceptive and often lack the curiosity to examine things in detail . The intent of this analysis is to determine the effectiveness of the GCSE Adult Math Class Effectiveness is evaluated in terms of confidence gained and capability obtained throughout the completion process

of the training course . The analysis is based primarily on data acquired through an interview with a teaching assistant , Jane


The method used to analyze the data obtained through the interview was the coding method . It was performed by first generating this set of relevant categories

Affinity towards math and teaching

Motivation to learn math

Method of teaching


Paragraphs within the interview transcript were then tagged with these categories . Important ideas pertaining to a specific category were marked and linked to their respective tag . Later the selected ideas were arranged according to the tags which resulted in an organized analysis of the given data . The selected ideas are shown in italic font

Adult Math 3


Affinity towards math and teaching

The teaching assistant , Jane , previously worked as a printer for 13 years . Her only motivation to become a teaching assistant was to escape the downhill business and strenuous work of her previous job . Prior to this , she was not interested in math . Her background shows a propensity to be intimidated by math because she failed the CSE math exam twice As a kid she thought math was incomprehensible . She developed an aversion to it for 13 years . Aversions due to bad experiences are further substantiated by other studies as well . Molebash (2004 ) of San Diego State University said that many described a repugnance to the subject due to their K-12 experiences . Such dislike suggests that if the adult math class is effective in this case , then it would be more probabilistically successful in a majority of the cases Motivation to learn math

According to Jane , the instructor for the class was very entertaining and knowledgeable . She believed that this instructor made learning math as fun as it can be made to be . Her true motivation originated in that she was unable to offer assistance to her own student who also was struggling to assimilate mathematical principals . This indicates the need for support . Any difficult endeavor is simplified by the reception of

Adult Math 4

praise , admiration , or at least the interests of others . Evidence is shown for the cause of the motivation through the words of Jane It was partly to help me help the student I was working with , because I found she was relying on me a lot , not just with her math but with her studies , with her own personal development (Jane interview 01 /10 /2007

There were some levels of challenge that helped motivate...

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