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what is the analysis on `spreading the news` by lady gregory

Minding Each Other 's Business

An Analysis of Lady Gregory 's Spreading The News

What business would the people here have

but to be minding each other 's business

-Mrs . Tarpey , Spreading The News

I . Introduction

Spreading The News (1904 ) premiered as part of a set of plays staged for the grand opening of the Irish National Theatre 's home , which was the Abbey Theatre . The play was penned by Lady Augusta Gregory , one of the illustrious founders of the National Theatre , and was performed alongside others acknowledged for being

tragedies . Spreading The News was strategically placed to act as a counterpoint to the heavier plays because of its comic nature , yet was merely dismissed as a farce (Cusack , 2004 . However , the Lady Gregory 's play later turned out to be one of the National Theatre 's most popular performances , enjoying frequent revivals throughout the years . To this day , Spreading The News remains a staple in high school productions owing to its simplicity and outward lightness in tone and manner - yet a deeper analysis would reveal that it conveys subversive themes . Within its humor and wit lies a complexity that intellectually challenges the audience , and speaks of a significance exclusive to its origins

Lady Gregory was born Isabella Augusta Persse on March 15 , 1852 in west Ireland 's Galway county , where Gaelic is still widely spoken . She was given the noble title upon her marriage in 1881 to Sir William Gregory of Coole Park , who counts many accomplishments to his name : being member of Parliament was Ceylon 's former governor , and friend to Anthony Trollope , renowned English novelist . Given these considerations , it is not surprising that Lady Gregory would have a personal goal to study native Irish legends even more impressive is her translation of these into Kiltartanese , a dialect she invented referring to Galway 's Kiltartan region . Lady Gregory soon began a collaboration with legendary writer William Butler Yeats , who credited her for her contributions in the dialects found in his plays (Novel Guide , 1998

II . Spreading the News of Comedy

The lighthearted play , which is set during a village fair in the fictional village of Cloon , is classified as a comedy . Comedy is a type of drama that illustrates several elements that contribute to the action in the play , as well as to the themes : some of them are reversals of fortune , errors and misperceptions in judgment , and demonstrations of human weakness . However , unlike its alter ego tragedy , comedy uses these elements to culminate in happiness also , the protagonists are often one-dimensional and are of ordinary nature , unlike those is tragedies (DiYanni , 1990 , 1986 . Cloon is patterned after the author 's own town , and is the newest district supervised by the British Magistrate who just came from a successful job as a prison warden in the Andaman Islands . Upon perceiving dis in the village fair , he questions Mrs . Tarpey , an apple vendor , regarding the fair 's business The woman answered with the single most significant line in the...

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