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Verdict : Cruelty

A person 's worry about the appearance of his /her own behavior and its impacts on that person 's behavior towards others is the prevailing theme of Katherine Anne Porter 's short story , He . Through the utilization of Mrs . Whipple 's character and the character 's behavior towards her son He , the author got me to thinking : is Mrs . Whipple 's behavior to her son considered as cruelty or necessity

Porter 's of Mrs . Whipple 's behavior to her second son can be interpreted in many

ways . In my opinion , the fact that Mrs . Whipple delegates to Him the chores that are dangerous (or those that no one else in the family can or wants to do , deny Him warm clothes for winter , and sends Him away to a Country Home when the illness brought about by the family 's neglect becomes worse signals cruelty of the mother to her mentally disabled son . However , further examining Mrs Whipple 's actions , I could also see that what the mother did could also be out of necessity : she makes Him do the chores since the chores need to be done and nobody else could or would do it , anyway , He displayed a knack for following s and getting the chores done better than any of the family and she sends Him away to the Country Home for the boy 's own good , since it was advised by the doctor

It is hard to choose between cruelty and necessity as a more proper of Mrs . Whipple 's actions . However , I strongly believe that her treatment of Him had been I do not believe that Mrs . Whipple does not love Him and thus neglects Him - this is not where her cruelty to Him lie - for neglect could easily be inflicted even to those people we say we love most , especially when the one we mostly love is actually ourselves . No , Mrs . Whipple 's cruelty began from the moment that they named the boy `He , like His existence was so repulsive and His person so unimportant , He has to be referred in the third person . This cruelty persisted as Mrs . Whipple constantly takes advantage of His simple-mindedness by subjecting Him to deeds wherein He does not , and is not , made to understand

All in all , Mrs . Whipple 's cruelty lies in the fact that she simply does not realize He 's true value as a person she looks at Him and sees only a mentally disabled child that she had the misfortune to give birth to nothing more . This persisted even until the end , in my opinion . She is too busy making sure that other people sees that she is not cruel to her son , since her pride cannot let it , that she has no more room for anything else . Instead of focusing on treating her son normally , Mrs Whipple focused on making her treatment of Him appear normal to other 's eyes

Over all , I think that Porter...

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