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analysis of Code of the Street

: Analysis of Code of the Street This is an analysis of Elijah Anderson 's Code of the Street . The book is a study of inner city life in some of the areas of Philadelphia , where one could observe and experience the inner city culture where there is a come apart between the majority who are referred to by the author as decent and the large minority who are referred in the book as "street " Drawing from sociological perspective Anderson ' goal is basically to explain how the two groups of people mentally live

in the community where they are considering the sociological , economic , and geographical factors . The methods that the author used in on a micro-level approach where he tries to describe the the people living in the communities as described are doing on an everyday life basis . I have read chapters 1 and 2 for this book . Chapter 1 is about the Decent and Street

Family while Chapter 2 is about Campaigning for Respect

Anderson has explained in the book that the life of the two groups people living in the inner cities is somewhat governed by an unwritten set of rules that governs behavior . At one extreme , are minority which includes the street-oriented group , who usually make up the criminal element of the inner city ? Being casualties of the social and economic system , the extreme street group clinches the street code with all their hearts . Lacking also in decent education but not intelligence , Anderson described these people to as follow

.many pride themselves on living the "thug life " actively defying not simply the wider social conventions but the law itself . They sometimes model themselves after successful local drug dealers and rap artists like Tupac Shakur and Snoop Doggy Dogg , and they take heart from professional athletes who confront the system and stand up for themselves (Anderson , page 36

Believing that people in real authority such as public officials to be unworthy of respect and hold little moral authority , these extreme people feel alienated and this fact causes radiate widespread disrespect for an extensive scheme of things since they consider people in authority to have nothing but contempt for them . No wonder , these people are desperate and they have a cynical outlook , and trust of others is severely lacking , even trust of those they are close to (Anderson , 37 . Given such attitude they consider the rests of persons and situations to be putting before them challenges to beat causing them to strategize by believing they should always outsmart others

At the other extreme are majority of the people on the inner city who are part of the decent family . This latter group has a real concern for the community and is characterized to have a certain amount of hope for the future that would further lead them to better life ahead of them . The acceptance of the mainstream values by decent more fully than street families via instilling them in their children , may be attributed to have given...

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