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american slavery: origins and consolidation by Peter Kolchin.

Peter Kolchin 's book entitled , American Slavery : Origins and Consolidation ' discusses the problems and the evolution of slavery in the United States of America . The opening sentence of his first chapter is indeed quite interesting . According to him , Americans have this wrong perception that the U .S . is conceived with liberty ' because the reality is that , the so-called New world ' tolerates slavery

Kolchin believes that African slaves , more importantly , should not be treated by the Americans as inferior individuals but rather be grateful to them . One of the greatest sources of income

actually came from the continuous importation of African slaves to the U .S . Because of the increasing number of slaves in the country during the early 16th-17th century , coercion in their labor actually provided for the country 's foundation of agriculture . He further believes that , slavery became widely accepted in the U .S . because of two factors namely , religious and economic

The concept of slavery as a labor system in the U .S . was patterned after the imperialistic attempts of European countries . The emergence of this kind of system is brought by the shortage in workers , especially in the agricultural aspects . A big number of workers are needed by the rich landowners during the harvest season in for them to meet the existing demands of the market . Because of this , Africans were being imported to become farm workers . The more laborers that they have , the greater is the production , and therefore the greater is the possibility of an economic growth since there has been demands made in both international and local market , which is very apparent today in the U .S (Kolchin ,


The second factor deals with religion . Since slaves are considered as subordinates to their masters , everything that the master will tell them , the slave will follow , including their master 's religion (which is mostly Christianity as Kolchim discussed . Unlike their masters who have religious backgrounds in the form of doctrines and teachings , the slaves do not have . Because of this , the slaves settled in potion-makings , superstitious beliefs , and the like . However , by being introduced to Christianity , they became more civilized and at least knowledgeable because they already follow legal rituals

Surprisingly , the Christian bible tolerates the presentation of stories depicting slavery . For instance , the bible suggests that God blessed and protected the Christians while the non-Christians were punished and viewed as slaves , serving their Christian masters in building religious temples or religious images

In general , slavery in the United States of America has evolved throughout the years . In fact , two historical periods sought to explain this evolution . One is the colonial era wherein slaves were still powerless and submissive individuals , and the other is during the period of antebellum . During this period , there were calls and proposals to the slave-owners to treat their subordinates as humans , providing them with their basic needs (Kolchin ,

. 28

I do agree that Kolchin has a basis in saying that economy and religion are the factors why...

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