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american educational school system vs. japanese education system

Running Head : Education Systems , Japan US







Both the American educational school system and the Japanese education system rank highly in terms of international education standards

The education system in the United States of America is not centralized unlike the education system in Japan , which is highly centralized and there is a tendency to adhere to a uniform national curriculum guided by the Japan Ministry of Education , Culture , Sports , Science and Technology (MEXT . Education management in the United States of America is largely

br left to the state and local governments with the role of the federal government being solely funding and policy formulation

In the United States of America , there are several stages in education starting with Kindergarten , which is usually the first year of school This starts at 5 years of age and it is compulsory . In the case of Japan , education starts at pre-school level , at age 5 - 6 years , which is also compulsory . In the American education system there are 12 years of primary and secondary education with primary taking up to 6 years while secondary level takes upto to 7 years . In Japan , students have to pass through 6 years of primary school and subsequently 6 years in high school before proceeding to the university . Just like it is the case for the United States of America , education at both primary and secondary is free and mandatory

While in the United States of America the elementary level of education is characterized by a higher emphasis on numerous skills as well as language skills in Japan , there is a higher emphasis on science skills something which can explain why Japanese children are more likely to outdo their American counterparts in science related subjects such as Mathematics . From an early age , the Japanese education system lays emphasis on Mathematics achievement , reading skills as well as socio-cultural skills with a greater emphasis on modeling children into becoming members of the larger society . In this aspect , Japanese education system is rather different in the sense that education is highly individualized and it is viewed as a consumable good rather than a social good . There is need to emphasize on performance considering the fact that there are no standardized examinations . Both Japan and the United States of America have high retention rates in the elementary levels of education although retention rates are higher for Japan than for the United States of America

In both the United States of America and Japan , successful completion of secondary level of education is a prerequisite for joining institutions of higher learning such as the university or college . It must be noted that to a higher degree , the education model in Japan is modeled after that of the United States of America due to past historical relations the two countries have had . The types of schools in the United States of America and Japan vary with United States of America having public schools , private schools as well as home-based schooling . Majority...

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