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aldon morriss the origins of the civil rights movement

The Civil Rights Movement : Analysis of an Indigenous Approach

It may seem like a redundant , unoriginal , and nondescript clichy to say that the Civil Rights Movement was a very important part of our history Regardless of how many times we 've heard that phrase , or how unsophisticated a such a simple statement may be , the fact remains that the Civil Rights Movement is undoubtedly a very powerful series of events that pioneered some crucial changes in our nation and has sparked debates over its origin among many experts

I am writing on

Aldon Morris ' book , The Origins of the Civil Rights Movement , in which Mr . Morris - a political sociologist and expert in African-American studies - discusses what the origins of the Movement were from his own point of view while debating what he feels are disputable points in the theories of sociologist Max Weber and theorists Ralph Turner and Lewis Killian . Morris ' indication of his own explanation of an indigenous approach comes from his opening paragraph of Chapter 11

The present analysis of the civil rights movement is informed by three important sociological theories of social movements and collective action : classical collective behavior theory , Weber 's theory of charismatic movements , and the resource mobilization theory . Insights have been drawn from those theories when appropriate , and they have served as a point of departure for further theorizing . I shall briefly present the main points of these and assess them in light of my findings on the civil rights movement . I shall...

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