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airport runway development

(FAA Airport Design Advisory Circular ,

. 62 . The VASI lights help aid the pilot in approaching the runway at the proper angle

The taxiway is indicated by blue lights as opposed to the runway itself , which will display white or amber lights on both sides

The threshold lights will be green , indicating the beginning of the runway

The runway must also have an airport beacon as well as a wind vane (wind sock ) indicating the direction of the wind at the runway 's surface

In terms of markers , the runway numbers

indicate the orientation of the runway in terms of degrees . 0 /360 deg . is North , 90 deg . is East , 180 deg . is South and 270 deg . is West . The runway in the diagram is oriented in an east /west direction as is displayed by the numbers 27 and 9 , shorthand for 270 /90 degrees orientation . The diagram on the following page will display the necessary runway markings (NASA Virtual Skies Tutorial 5 The eight lines at the beginning of the runway indicate the threshold or beginning of the runway . Placed 500 feet beyond the threshold markers are the touchdown zone markings , indicating where the wheels should land on the runway . Running the length of the runway is the centerline , which should align with the front wheel of the aircraft . After the touchdown markings are fixed distance markings , placed every 500 feet

With all of the necessary construction regulations being followed , the appropriate amount of material used for a solid runway , the installation of the required lights , markers , indicators and runway support roads the runway is complete

Financial Considerations

Due to the ever-fluctuating prices of fuels and goods , it is difficult to estimate the cost of building a new runway . Most airports will extend current runways or make alterations to...

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