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who afraid of Virginia wolf

Who 's afraid of Virginia Woolf

Who 's afraid of Virginia Woolf




Explain why George tells Nick the Story of the boy who ed `bergin` . If this boy is actually George , explain why he does not tell Nick that the story is autobiographical . If the boy is not George explain why he is so upset with Martha when she relates the story about the manuscript her father , the president of the college , would not let George publish

The play begins with George and Martha having just

returned from a party hosted by Martha 's father , who is President of the college where George works as a professor . Martha has invited a new faculty member over for some drinks . It is later revealed that their guests at the after-party are a younger couple Nick , the young , new professor at the Biology Department and his wife Honey

When Nick and Honey arrive , the seemingly innocent after-party evolves into a night of games , manipulation , confrontation and enlightenment for the two couples . As the night deepens , the effects of alcohol start to take over Martha and George . They start to reveal sensitive things about each other and their marriage

In Act Two of Who 's Afraid of Virginia Woolf ' George tells Nick the anecdote of a boy who once ed bergin , killed his mother with a shotgun , and then after a year , crashed into a tree and killed his father . This happens after Nick confides in George the truth in his...

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