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advantages fo living in a small town and disadvantages of living in a small town

Life in a small town is simple . Nothing complicated . Almost everybody knows everybody and almost everything you need is at hand . Fresh vegetable and fruits in your backyard , nearby grocery store with your friendly merchant , accessible schools and offices with trees and flowers in the yard , perhaps . No traffic jams and no pollution from over congested vehicles

The relationships built among neighbors are simply amazing . You would feel that you have a bigger and extended family in the friendly neighborhood you belong . When the town is small and not populated people

would get the chance to enjoy the beauty that surrounds them They would notice just every single detail of nature 's gift because there is nothing much to do than appreciate and enjoy the scenery

In a small town , people would most likely be in touch with their inner selves more often than not because there is tranquillity around . The whisper of the cold breeze , the singing of the birds , the beauty of sunrise and sunset and the joy and love of couples and even families in their morning or evening walks . These and more could only be experience in a small town free from traffic , pollution , irate people , tall buildings and busy business district

Small towns are only good for people who can buy time those who wanted to savor every moment and just enjoy and learn from everything and everyone . It is where you see life at its fullest , because people there don 't just live to work . But they live life because they know it is worth living...

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