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The advantages and disadvantages of robotics



Robots are intelligent artificially created electro-mechanical devices They are designed by human beings to assist in performing some activities that are considered tiresome and boring and at times risky The capabilities of a robot differ are determined by the purpose for which they are created . The human-robot interaction has been one of good and bad . This interaction has led to some conflicts and debate has been going on as to the rights that robots should have . The outlines a brief history of how robots were developed . They are traced

back to when the first robot was made . The improvements that have been done on the making robots are also briefly discussed . The importance of robots in our society has been discussed . This has been broken down into particular fields where robots have been applied . In medicine robots have been used to do complicated surgeries . In industries robots have been used to speed up the production processes . The use of robots in the military has been discussed in which robots have been found made that have the capacity to make decision and launch missiles . Current developments in these fields have been considered and their benefits The examines the various dangers posed in particular fields by the continued use of robots . The dangers posed by the robots include the right of the robots to defend itself by applying force which may cause suffering to humans . The use of robots has also led to many people being rendered jobless as industries mechanize their operations . The use of robots has also seen many people neglect their duties and leaving robots to do them . Some important human responsibilities like childcare and care for the elderly have been left to robots . This is dangerous since robots may misinterpret the feelings of these highly sensitive people This may easily lead to conflicts as the robots force the human do things . The continued use of robot technology is evidently seen to be important . The risk posed by the robots to human beings has been traced to humans themselves because they make these robots

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Robotics

Many definitions of robots have been put forward but is universally accepted . This is because robots have been developed with varying capabilities . The definitions are pegged on these capabilities and this has led to the variation . According to the Robot Institute if America (1979 , a robot is `a reprogrammable , multifunctional manipulator designed to move materials , parts , tools , or specialized devices through various programmed motions fro the purpose of a variety of tasks HYPERLINK "http /cache .ucr .edu currie /roboadam .htm http /cache .ucr .edu currie /roboadam .htm . Robotics is the science of studying the development of robots . From the above definition of robots we understand that robots are programmed to perform various activities Robots are developed to sense their environments and respond to them appropriately . They are able to manipulate things in their environments by moving them or fixing them (http /en .wikipedia .org...

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