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Someone who you admire

So why do I do this

This was the question Mandy asked herself today . Well , actually , it is a question that Mandy asks herself pretty much everyday and has been asking herself everyday for the last twenty-years . Sure , there will be those people who will look at the question on a baseline level and think she is referring to the nursing field . After all , doesn 't everyone question the reason why they invest a great deal of time in a profession ? Burnout affects all members of every profession and there is no

reason why nursing should be any different

Traffic was a nightmare and getting stuck in it was a disaster . Of course , this is a common occurrence in her life these days so why should today be any different ? Ok , perhaps that is an overly cynical approach or attitude . Then again , life does make the world a cynical place does it not

Just give me a second ' Mandy says . Of course , she may need more than just a second to get herself in . The whole second ' thing is merely an attempt at being self-delusional . It is a tactic that never works , but she loves to try it . Maybe if she keeps trying it , it will eventually work

Running late today , Ms . Mandy ' asks the security guard as Mandy fumbles for her identification badge . Yes , they know who she is , but it is proper protocol and procedure to display a badge and Mandy is , after all , one of the most compliant and loyal employees that the hospital has . She wouldn 't have it any different way

Yeah ' Mandy says to the guard as she fumbles in her purse without looking at him or making any direct eye contact . Why would she make direct eye contact with him ? She has always found him to be an annoying insufferable jerk that has never cuts anyone any slack . It was as if his rent-a-cop badge provided him with some absolute moral authority to push people around . Oh well , the world is full of such people and Mandy is well aware of this

She doesn 't even look at him as she flashes her badge and sprints towards the elevator . She doesn 't make it in time and the elevator doors close . Should I take the stairs ' she wonders to herself . Nah , I am late already ' she ponders as she rests up against the wall staring at the lights that shine on the numbers of the floors while traveling in an upward direction . In a few seconds , the number will pause on a specific floor as if time has momentarily halted . Then , it will begin its descent down into the maelstrom of the ground floor . To a great degree , the elevator is like life : symbolic in the sense that it is a perpetual loop of the same thing over and over

Maybe I should have taken the stairs ' she thinks to herself

The elevator finally makes it slow (as in time standing still...

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