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Defining the term that deem us `Addicts

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English 1002

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May 14 , 2007

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Every year folks with gambling problems hop on planes and head to Vegas to spend their life savings on poker tables and quarter slots . Every night people pop a couple of pills so they can get a better night 's rest . Every Tuesday and Wednesday people tune in to American Idol ' to find out who America thinks has the most talent . All of these actions appear

to have absolutely no relation to one another however , they all have one similar characteristic : the people associated with these actions are all dealing with a little thing known as addiction . For many , the word addiction ' carries a negative stigma . Why ? This word is often associated with bad habits , but for many of us simple heirs of this term , addiction can also be quite innocent . Because this word has been linked with nasty terminology such as drug ' and gambling its definition has been somewhat misconstrued by many definers . This fact aside , the term addiction ' can actually also be used quite quirkily . Whatever the case , each definition of this word has assisted people in recognizing personal characteristics that determine what type actions they are capable of and , perhaps , lead to some form of self improvement . The key is to determine exactly what addiction ' means

Dangerous Addiction

After a long day at the office , Mike , an alcoholic , heads home to a house where he and his ex-wife once lived happily . Now , the house is quiet and lacks the warmth that once made it a home . Mike has trouble dealing with the loneliness , so he heads to his liquor cabinet and pours himself three fingers of whiskey and drinks until he forgets about how unhappy he is . He does this every night . Mike is addicted to alcohol The appropriate definition in this instance is to physically or mentally need something (Kregg ,

.1 . Mike needs alcohol to deal with a situation . He physically utilizes an object to manage his emotions When a person becomes

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dependent on something , in a sense , they are addicted . Alcohol addiction is not the only type of

addiction that exists . There are smokers who depend on the nicotine in cigarettes to calm nerves , control appetites , and manage weight . The small dose of nicotine emitted while smoking activates the pleasure centers in the brain allowing one to feel short sessions of euphoria which is why people can easily become addicted to cigarettes (Rush br

.1 . Unlike chemical addictions such as drinking and smoking , gambling provides a different type of pleasure that also deems it an addiction Gambling addicts are often characterized as risk-takers who gain satisfaction by winning (Dorsey ,

.1 . Unlike a drug addict , an addiction to gambling is often undetectable by others , as signs are usually hidden . Sadly , all of these addictions can cause major damage to both the addict and those who are part of his...

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