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how accurate of a tool do you think language is in describing the world? Where is it weakest? Give examples.

Language as a tool in describing the world : Accurate or Not

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Language as a tool in describing the world : Accurate or Not

All throughout the history of man 's existence on Earth , it was evidently seen that man made use of language as a tool to communicate concepts that are produced by their respective mental processes (Larochie , Pons Richard , 2009 . The utilization of language to represent the messages that one wants to convey and share to his or her fellow

men is in conjunction to the role of language in describing and representing the world around us (Larochie , Pons Richard , 2009 . In both terms language is used as a tool or a channel to put into words and understandable concepts the underlying meaning and explanations to daily life events , and other phenomena (Larochie , Pons Richard , 2009 . The effectiveness of language in serving as a tool in accomplishing these purposes is evidently seen on its functionality in ethnic identity individual recognition (Larochie , Pons Richard , 2009 , and general global communication (Gabbott Hogg , 2000

Unfortunately , despite of the cited effectiveness of language , it is still not free of weaknesses and an example of which is depicted on the `argument of explicitness ' which states that the effectiveness of language as a vehicle of thought is affected by the explicitness of the instrument of thought and the explicitness of the natural language (Gabbott Hogg , 2000 , pg . 384 . It argues that the interpretation of language is...

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