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You should choose `only one`of the options. 1.Propose a model of educaion. In other words, what key factors would make up your ideal educational system? 2. What is, or should be, the goal of education? 3. Although Freires chapter is about educational the

Educating in the Classroom What would be a workable arrangement for learning in today 's classrooms Given that the banking approach to education , as Freire suggests dehumanizes instead of liberates , then surely we must find an alternative in educating the young to make them responsible , and fully alive and conscious individuals . To do this , I believe that a new set up is needed in the classroom , because the goal of education is helping the individual to be self-reliant in his pursuit of becoming the best he could be , and to be a

responsible member of society The teacher is the authority figure in the classroom , the dispenser of knowledge . But the teacher is not all knowing , nor the teacher would also be present at all times to see the growth of the student . Thus more than giving the knowledge to the students , he must teach them how to search and utilize knowledge . What a teacher must do , then , is to instill a thirst for knowledge in the students . In this way they will not behave just within the confines of the classroom , or be respectable citizens because they have to , but they will be upright individuals because they are enlightened And enlightenment comes from a dialogue : it is a process of exchange between teacher and student , between student and student . Dialogue should encourage students to participate and share of themselves , to ask questions , to look deeper into themselves . And the teacher should be able to make them see that they...

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