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Essay Writing a Persuasive Letter

With great concern and love

I am writing this letter with the hope it finds you in a spirit of understanding . The words to come may not be welcome , but understand that they originate from compassion and the belief that underneath it all , you are a person I continue to respect and believe in your inherent decency as a human being

To begin with , I want you to stop using drugs , not only for your own benefit , but for all of us that care and love you . I know that life has

not followed the path you may have set out to walk and drugs are the major obstacle stopping you . You need to quit using drugs and apply your energy to more productive activities . I used to admire your athletic prowess . You used to have a magnetic personality that made people want to be better , now you have isolated yourself from the people who care about you the most . I feel that if you returned to activities that sparked your passion , activities that are self-constructive as opposed to self-destructive , you will become much more engaged and positive in your life . This will positively impact all of us around you as well

You are in a unique position to recover from drugs because you have yet to squander all of your financial resources . A great way to occupy your time and focus would be to start a small business that you can cultivate and grow . Your business acumen got...

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