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Writing Assignment on Personal Experience



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Personal Experience

I HAVE NO HOPE ! I HAVE TO ABORT THIS CHILD ' This is the shrill cry of my best friend when she called me up last week . I immediately said a big NO ' to her decision . She just cried and cried , I cried too for she is my best friend . Whatever trials she is experiencing , I am affected by it also especially in her condition right now . Imagine , she is pregnant by her bastard boy friend and she will abort the baby in her

br womb ? What a stupid decision . It is not the only means by which she can escape the situation . The end or the outcome of abortion will definitely devastate her , physically and psychologically

We argued on it and she said that she would not be influence by my advices . She said aborting the child will make her happy , but she is definitely wrong ! She will just be awaken every night and be bothered by her conscience , if she will pursue abortion . It is not the scapegoat of the situation she is in . I told her that having an abortion is an immoral act . It 's just the same as killing , killing an innocent angel The child has nothing to do with the situation she is in , I told her . It is not the baby 's fault , but the reason is because of their impulsiveness to do something that they are not yet licensed to do . They already committed a crime , premarital...

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