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Paper Topic:

Write a thesis on a selected theoretical problem related to the English language teaching in Maldives.

Study on the Influence of the Mother Tongue on Students ' Pronunciation Expression and Understanding conducted in Aminiya school , Male


In the thesis the problem of language interference is investigated . More specifically , the thesis observes how the mother tongue (Dhivehi affects students ' English pronunciation , expression and understanding . A learner 's English becomes foreign not because of all the mistakes made by the learner , but because of those particular ones , which are made under the influence of the learner 's mother tongue . Even in the case when a learner breaks the rules

and does not follow all the models prescribed by the Standard English dictionaries , the English language produced will not be considered foreign . But the thing , which makes one 's English obviously French or Maldivian English , is the pronunciation , or the way one expresses his /her thoughts and ideas , or the understanding affected by his /her mother tongue , or the mistakes made on the basis of untrue similarities with the mother tongue of the person . A number of particular mistakes of Maldivian English have been found out and recommendations are given how to prevent them in pronunciation , expression and understanding . The study uses test and observation to elicit the data and the comparison of two phonologic systems is used in data interpretation . The results show that Maldivian students experience the following difficulties caused by the influence of their mother tongue : phonetic errors (43 ,6 ) in pronunciation understanding of English idioms (49 ,6 , wrong positioning of adverbs and particles (54 ) in expression

Table of contents


Chapter 1


1 .1 General

1 .2 Thesis Overview

1 .3 The role of mother tongue in the process of foreign language acquisition . Glossary of the main terms

1 .4 Significance of the study

Chapter 2

Literature review

2 .1 The mechanisms of influence of mother tongue on foreign pronunciation

2 .2 The mechanisms of influence of mother tongue on students expression

2 .3 The mechanisms of influence of mother tongue on students understanding

Chapter 3


3 .1 Aim and the scope of study

3 .2 Specific objectives

3 .3 Limitation of the study

3 .4 Data Collection

3 .5 Tools and equipment

3 .6 Test

3 .7 Observation sessions

3 .8 Selection of the participants of the study

Chapter 4

Data Analysis

4 .1 The errors of the students observed during the test

4 .2 Analysis of the students ' responses

Chapter 5

Interpretation of data and recommendations

5 .1 Interpretation of data

5 .2 Recommendations

Chapter 6


6 .1 General

6 .3 The problems observed

6 .5 General Suggestions



Chapter 1


1 .1 General

Mother tongue plays an important role in foreign language teaching . The mother tongue has to be used in all the aspects of foreign language acquisition , more or less in every stage of language learning , and in all the spheres : writing , reading , speaking and listening . For example mother tongue is most frequently present in the teacher 's explanations and in the new material presentation , also...

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