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Write and submit an essay of one page expressing your interest in aviation

One thing that has always fascinated me in my life is the story of invention of airplane and specifically the role played by the Wrights brothers . When I first read the story as a young girl , when I was learning how to read , I became very interested in various aspects of the aviation industry . This seemed odd to my parents and friends as the field of aviation seemed to have been reserved for boys but nevertheless , I decided not to take any chance with my new found interest

The accomplishment of the

two hardworking , straightforward and honest American brothers was fantastic and thrilling . How they were able to build an airplane from scratch using basic material was a real success taking into consideration that many other people had tried and failed before . This taught me that it take a great deal of determination and discipline to attain such a great accomplishments . The success of the aviation industry today has it foundation from what the Wrights brother were able to undertake back then

Airplanes designs are what move me most . From earlier airplanes designed primary for world war to the latest fully computerized business jets The competition between various airplane makers has led to great designs for passenger , cargo and military planes . From the magnificent Airbus A380 to various latest Boeing models , the future of aviation is unpredictable

I have taken my time to learn about the U .S . aviation industry and I have noted that demand for larger , modern aircrafts have been occasioned by the increase in the number of passengers . Well established companies like Delta Airline , continental Airline , and Northwest airline operate some of the most modern airplanes and as such play a big part in the aviation industry . The need for better military airplanes has also help to revolutionize the aviation industry leading to unique Airplane designs . The US Air force has some of the modern airplanes designed for various functions

To keep myself updated on the aviation industry , I always take time to read books , magazines and journals on airplane and the aviation industry in general . When ever I have a chance especially during holidays , I borrow and watch videos on air show , especially those show casing the latest designs and development in airplane . Dubai Air show , held once in every two year is one of the global events where latest airplanes models are displayed

Any chance for me to learn more on aviation industry means a lot to my life . It is for this reasons that I humbly submit my application for a chance to attend this year summer holiday aviation camp . In the camp , I am sure that I will have a chance to interact with and learn from people whom I share the same interest with on various aspects of the aviation industry . The camp wills hone my interest in aviation as I prepare to join high school next fall . I believe that the experience that I will gain from the camp will play...

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