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Write a report incorporating, a literature review, along with an identified self

Room Division Management The present work aims to identify the main constraints and difficulties affecting the Room Division Management to give some suggestion in order to overcome most of the problems

The rapidly changing world is both a headache and an exciting challenge to those engaged in management

Tourist sector considered to be an economic development motor and with a high potential . Small and medium enterprises in the tourist sector are required to keep a high competitive level according to international standards and , in order to improve their competitiveness degree , an

efficient management organization is necessary

However , it is not the case for many of them that are currently lacking of a well organized management system and demand more training in key management areas , as it is proved along this study . The present work aims to identify the main constraints and difficulties affecting the Hotel Management . For this purpose a questionnaire has been carried Personal interviews with representatives from the tourist and training sector were also carried out

Under Hotel Management it is basically understood the organization and decision-taking work at the different departments of a hotel . Each department needs a head to meet decisions , to adjust activities to the budget and to lead and organize the team working under his /her responsibility . This logistical work can take place at different levels according to the degree of specialization reached by the hotel organization chart . First of all , the major functional departments are hereby described . The general manager is the first delegate of the hotel owner to run the hotel . In many cases it is the same person . The general manager undertakes the management direction of the hotel . The main activities he /she should carry out correspond to those regarding the market strategy

of the hotel , its commercial relations with travel agencies , tour operators etc , planning investment , adjusting budget to the hotel activities and services offered and dealing with staff and client questions . These are the main questions that can also be divided up into most specific posts The responsibilities of the general management can be divided into the three main areas of hotel management : those related to administration accommodation and meals activities . Under the so called administration work it is mainly understood accounting , marketing and human resources management . Here , the following management posts can be found according to the degree of specialization reached by the hotel : Accounting or Finance manager , Marketing or Commercial manager and Human resources or Staff manager . The term used to determine each post is enterprise specific , in this work appear the most common ones . In the USA engineering and security are specific management posts . The following important areas of management in a hotel correspond to the room division and food and beverage management . The previous area , administration , can be found at any enterprise but these areas are completely industry specific . Managers should be well trained at topics relating reception rooms ' organization and cleaning , booking , organizing events , etc . Posts like reception manager , food and beverage manager and...

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