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Write a 2 page memorandum about early supplier integration in the design of the skid-steer loader

Fitzgerald 's use of symbols is all the more powerful because of the realistic backdrop against which he sets them . In choosing the bases for his the plot and subplots of the book , Fitzgerald looked no further than the era in which he lived . The elusive American dream , infidelity the desire for love , money and success are all familiar themes to us in our everyday lives

The Great Gatsby is set just as World War I has ended , prohibition has just been instituted , and the United States , while emerging as a world

power , is witnessing the emergence of what Gertrude Stein termed the lost generation ' Young men are returning injured , having witnessed the horrors of trench warfare and death on a scale unseen in generations . People are rethinking priorities and morals are loosening as the future looks more and more uncertain . While we don 't see this so explicitly in the novel , it greatly informs Gatsby 's character : we see a hollowness in him , as though some part has been lost in the war , and a belief that only Daisy and success will fill it . In the way he goes about trying to heal himself , we learn the meaninglessness of such hollow materialism

While East and West Egg do not actually exist , they are based on real Long Island commuting villages , easily recognizable to the residents of Great Neck and Oyster Bay . The exact geographical location of the novel does not exist , but Fitzgerald does a great job in using realism to convince the reader of the setting . No matter how significant realism is to the setting of The Great Gatsby , perhaps the most important use of realism comes through Fitzgerald 's development of characters throughout the novel

Fitzgerald heightened the realism of the novels by failing to romanticize any...

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