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Paper Topic:

Write an evaluation and monitoring proposal for Global Health pillar project implemented by USAID.

Introduction on the Evaluation and Monitoring the Project

The Global Health pillar project is a program implemented by USAID . This project is an effort to help stop the spread of HIV /AIDS by giving technical assistance and training to people . It includes pushing an education campaign for the youth , increasing public awareness about the disease and developing the technical , managerial and administrative capacity of non-government organizations (NGOs ) to handle situations on their own . The project has achieved some tremendous results such as progress in start-up workshops and trainings in areas such as

the Bahamas , Nevis , Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago . Another outcome is the introduction of health experts and professionals have to areas wherein there is a need for psychosocial and clinical management for the infected patients (USAID

Formal renotification is being done to state the intent of USAID to continue investing their resources in the Global Health pillar project USAID will be extending its reach and continuing its projects and activities activities aimed at improving health services and policy interventions in the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC ) region . USAID will also be using its Child Survival and Health (CSH ) funds to implement health programs in the said region . USAID is also planning to provide technical assistance to non-governmental organizations and Ministries of Health (MOHs . This is to increase the number of multi-sectoral approaches to child health as well as to attend to the nutrition problems very common in Central America (USAID

Because of this , monitoring and evaluation is necessary . Monitoring and evaluation is necessary when doing a project . This is done to obtain feedback from the project . The main idea behind doing these two is to manage the resources , processes and activities in a project . This is to enhance the impact of the project and to achieve the goals , both lower-levels and higher-levels , and the objectives set , both in the short term and long term setting

With monitoring and evaluation of the Global Health pillar , aspects of the project can be meticulously observed and see if the short-term and long-term goals being set are obtained and if the resources used on the project do not go to waste . The plans in this project are not necessarily fixed and may change based on circumstances surrounding the situation . Through monitoring and evaluation , information necessary to make the right decisions and necessary changes can be made . The framework of the project can be ensured and remains constant , as well as the mission , vision and its values

Objectives in Monitoring and Evaluation of the Project

There are three objectives as to why this project is being monitored and evaluated . These three are the following

To give USAID and the project handlers the information they need to make decisions about the outlook of the project

To analyze whether the project is having the desired impact that was set

To assess the project in different areas such as its effectiveness efficiency and sustainability to improve the mobilization and functioning of the project

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