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Write an essay comparing and contrasting how Franklin and Crevecoeur view Americans.

Comparing and contrasting how Franklin and Crevecoeur view Americans

Comparing and Contrasting How Franklin and Crevecoeur View Americans

Comparing and contrasting how Franklin and Crevecoeur view Americans

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Different ideas of what an American flourished in 1782 and later on became a part of their modern political life . It traced the roots of the new man ' called the Americans

Benjamin Franklin believed that the Americans were a happy mediocrity in general . In his essay Information to Those Who Would Remove to America he argued the difference between the American society

and the European society . The American society was a mixture of poor and rich people therefore equality was well-exercised . The European society exercised social classes and cultural distinctions for its citizens . There is no such thing as upper and middle class . Everyone was the same though there would always be individual differences

Hector St . Jean de Crevecoeur defined an American as a multi-cultural person , which was a result of an immigrant nation . Crevecoeur believed that American was mixture of English , Scotch , Irish , French , Dutch Germans , and Swedes ' The new man ' abandoned his ancient biases and adapted a new lifestyle , traditions , and etiquette through education . He put into account the perspective of the America as a melting-pot . The interacting cultures in the same region were the same as the overlap of different cultures around the globe . He developed an ambiguous view of the America due to tensions between varying cultures . Crevecouer talked to his readers as if he has a dual personality , just to depict the different sides of the story . He created an appeal to the readers by conceptualizing the span of the American territory , and then see the cultural identity of the Americans . He argued the vast cultural encounters would lead to difficulty in controlling the outflow of their national heritage

The Americans proved themselves as a freeman due to the intensity of their work . According to Benjamin Franklin , a freeman must preserve his independence while searching for his profession , and calling without contention and corruption . Men as husbandmen or even a mechanic

Comparing and contrasting how Franklin and Crevecoeur view Americans

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were still honored due to a specialized type of job they do . Exaggerated expectations were very common in the emigrants of America since they have considered it as a melting pot , a land flowing with milk and honey He cautioned migrants regarding the public offices , no Office should be so profitable as to make it desirable ' So these would-be migrants were confronted with a dilemma in which hard work would only payoff moderate rewards . Americans , to be truly free must be public-spirited He could do the things he wanted without being shy to other people surrounding you . Virtuous people were an independent person . Being independent opens a person to lots of cultural information that they could adapt someday . It never limited their capacity for knowing and picking up the different customs and manners of emigrants . Emigrants also learn from them on how they would...

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