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Write a 500 word essay about yourself in third person.

Running Head : Third Person Pronouns

Using Third Person Pronouns to Describe Myself

Name of Student

Name of School

Name of Professor

Course Name

This intends to describe myself using third person pronouns


She is a little fat though she makes it a habit to exercise or workout Her slight roundness /stoutness makes her appear cute and bubbly as she can still be fashionable in spite of the aforementioned size . Moreover she is also a little short in terms of height but she carries herself well because of

her angelic , smiley face , noticeably long eyelashes perceptibly brownish deep eyes , a wide forehead , nice-looking nose , and an averagely thin lips . Furthermore , if you take a look at her arms and legs , she has short ones but not at all undesirable to look at . In fact she have them just right


In terms of the emotional aspect , she is not easily angered by any resentment-causing situation . She deals with negative circumstances by weighing the pros and cons or taking into consideration both sides of the state of affairs instead of impulsively engaging herself in extreme fury . On the other hand , when someone jokes about her , she would laugh with them instead of going on a rage against them . She does not get easily irritated by individuals who have something negative to say about her she just ignores them and focuses on herself . That 's how improved her self-esteem and self-confidence is she is not affected by anything unconstructively spoken about her especially if it is not at all true Of course , she also gets mad , but not always it only happens when she is frustrated by something , for instance , if she got a low grade in a because she crammed , when she should have received a higher one if only she made more time to research about it . What 's good about her is that if she gets mad , she gets mad only to herself unlike other individuals who are always fault-finding or lashing out at other people for their own shortcomings


One cannot say she is an above-average individual when it comes to intellect , however , most of the time she manages to acquire high grades This is because she usually makes time for studying . Her excellent study habit her mother taught her since elementary years helped her become a good student . For instance , when she arrives home from school , she watches television to relax , but it would not take her an hour to sit there in front of it no matter how enjoyable /entertaining the show is If she needs some more relaxation , then she takes a nap after that Immediately after , she goes down to the kitchen to help her mother do some chores . After dinner , she then proceeds to the study room and focus on her academic subjects . She studies a few hours every night and even during the weekends to avoid engaging in cramming and so that there would not be too much to...

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