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Paper Topic:

Write a 2,000 word critical review of one of the following books, focusing your review on (a) the theoretical aims of the study, (b) the methods used to gather and analyse data and (c) the relationship between findings and the evidence on which they are b

Showing It As It Is

A Critical Review of Annette Hill 's

Reality TV : Audiences and Popular Factual Television

I . Introduction

The popularity of reality TV is evident in the sheer number of programmes abound worldwide , from model searches to singing contests home makeovers to personality improvement , celebrity and animal lives to crime cases , and many more . Many factors seem to be behind this phenomenon , but the most significant is the kind of audience response to reality programming that is primarily based on personal interests and preferences . With reality TV

's goals ranging from entertainment to information , it is clear how much of its relevance is based on human connection

This claim , while general , may be proven sound and noteworthy , due to the nature of reality TV being a format to show the real vs . the created . This brings to mind the appropriation of emotions as a selling point showing unscripted exchanges and reactions to various events is a highlight of the genre , and the inherent interest of people in the emotions of others is an acknowledged part of contemporary culture (Aslama and Pantti , 2006 . Perhaps the source of entertainment is not the emotions per se , but the idea of them being real and not produced by a writer 's imagination makes for the appeal . The same is true for audiences of hard news , who often admit to having a morbid fascination when viewing actual disasters , accidents , and other horrific images the license to create is no longer part of...

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