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World War One

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The First World War

The First World War which began in 1914 and ended in 1918 engaged more nations and produced greater destruction as compared to any other war in recorded history besides the Second World War (Roberts 265 Williamson 485 . An assassin 's bullet fired the battle and a system of military alliances drove the central European powers into the battlefront . Each side anticipated immediate triumph . However , it took four years for the war to finally draw to a

close as it cost the lives of virtually 10 million troops (Roberts 265 BBC News Williamson 485

Several developments directed to the cruel violence of the Great War , as the First World War was formerly known (Roberts 265 Williamson 485 War plants continued manufacturing large quantities of newly invented weaponries which can cause extraordinary destruction . Military conscription created larger defense forces than ever before , and great patriotism made several men commit to a cause they were ready to risk their lives for . Propaganda brought about support for the battle by making the opponent appear villainous

Origins of the First World War

The assassination of Austria-Hungary Archduke Francis Ferdinand happened on the 28th day of June 1914 at the country 's Bosnia province capital (Roberts 265 BBC News Williamson 485 . Gavrilo Princip , the assassin is associated with a terrorist group in Serbia , which is now part of the present Yugoslavia (Roberts 265 . Austria-Hungary accused the Serbian government as the mastermind of the...

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