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World War II

World War II


The Second World War was the most destructive world 's military conflict in our history . It started on September 1 , 1939 , when Nazi Army of Germany attacked Polish territories . Britain , France and some smaller countries became the opponents of Germany , the Allies . Charismatic leader of the Nazi , Adolph Hitler , did not want armies of the Soviets to join the war and ensured neutrality of the USSR by signing up Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact . In 1940 it took only six weeks from Germany to occupy France , followed by invading Denmark

, Norway , Holland and Belgium

On September 27 , 1940 , so-called Tripartite Pact was signed up , which declared the union of Germany , Italy and Japan (Axis Powers ) as the aggressor of the war . With the help of the partners , Hitler tried to enhance his control over Europe , some Asian and African lands . Very fierce fights took place on the territories of Britain , Spain and Greece . In June 1941 Germany backed out of its obligations and unfolded a massive military attack on the Soviet Union . Later , in December Japanese forces started attacking the United States , spreading the war on American lands

Thus , during 1942-1943 there were two areas of the war . In Europe , the Soviet Union with the help of Britain and the USA tried to stop German powers advancing to the West . At the same time , China and the USA with the help of Great Britain and some Asian forces fought against Japanese armies . Incredible patriotism and will-power of Russian soldiers supported with technological innovations allowed the Soviets to break the course of war , and in summer of 1943 they started forcing German armies back from the territories of the Soviet Union

Italian campaign was over in September 1943 with Mussolini 's army . In late spring of 1945 , the Soviets successfully completed their mission on liberating Poland , Bulgaria , Yugoslavia and other European nations from German invasion . Finally , in September 1945 after two atomic bomb attacks and severe battles in China and North Korea , Japan was World War resulted in 60 million of human victims (those were mostly Soviet , Chinese , Polish and Jewish civilians , economic devastation and political crisis in many countries , territorial changes and establishment of the United Nations organization , which had to serve for avoiding further global conflicts and preventing wars


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