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World View


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5 June 2009


Human existence is not disorganized . There are certain basic fundamental principles that guide human existence and which determine how human beings will relate to one another . Human behavior is informed by their worldview , that is , their attitude towards life . This worldview is acquired from institutions of interaction such as the family , the school as well as culture . It may be based on some philosophical thought but many times , it is based on religious convictions and beliefs and is

referred to as religious worldview . This essay therefore seeks to analyze the meaning of religious worldview highlighting its principles importance as well as challenges

Meaning of religious worldview

The term world view has been defined as .a coherent collection of concepts and theorems that must allow us to construct a global image of the world and in this way to understand as many elements in our experience as possible (Aerts et al , 8 . All humans have an assortment of beliefs to which they subscribe to a general outlook through which they approach life . Humans have always tried to understand how and why they and the world came about . They are always seeking to answer these basic questions Who am I ? Who created me and who created the universe ? Am I just a random creation or do I have a purpose in this life ' In the course of living , some viable responses to these questions have been found and it is these...

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