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Workplace Observation

Workplace Observation

Just as human beings have personality , an organization too has its personality . In the words of McNamara , Basically , organizational culture is the personality of the organization (2008 , para .1 ) The following are the observational aspects of an organization that I observed

1 ) Communication practices - There was a good two ways flow of communication , both vertically and horizontally . This aspect contributed a lot in maintaining the integrity and strength of the organization

2 ) Mission statement 's role in supporting the culture - The way this organization functioned , it was evident

that a clear mission has been set for all the employees . There seemed no confusion at all

3 ) Ethical standards and behavior - In this aspect too , the employees seemed in it seemed that they had clear understanding of what is expected from them . They were respecting the organization 's ethical standards and behavioural norms

4 ) Organizational diversity - There was cultural diversity but the excellent understanding of the ethical standards , behavioural norms and mission statement of the organization seemed to help in keeping the problems posed by any kind of diversity at bay

5 ) Conflict management - Conflict is a part and parcel of any team but the departmental heads exhibited excellent leadership skills . This is the reason why the organization was successful in managing conflicts amicably and without affecting the overall output of the organization

6 ) Observable organizational policies - From what was evident it seemed that the organizational policies had been designed keeping the employees in mind . This is why the employees looked so satisfied

7 ) Technology impact on culture - New technology strengthened the ties at both horizontal and vertical levels of the organization and facilitated open communication between the employees

This organization had a strong culture and as a result there was an alignment of organizational values . This can be attributed to the excellent leadership style of the top management


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