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Workplace Monitoring





Watch Out . Your Boss is Watching

In the United States , close to 40 million Americans have Internet access at their workplace . While more and more growing businesses realize the importance of having Internet connection in their office the figure is only one-third of the likewise utilize the Internet for doing some online shopping and banking . This only goes to show that the use of the Internet can provide companies with various advantages (Bassett

Despite the convenience that the Internet can provide office employees such

kind of technology also presents various risks . While employees can now easily relay messages , check out the latest in sports and entertainment , retrieve updates regarding the stock exchange , employers may find the employees abusing this technology (Bassett . Nevertheless while employers have the prerogative to monitor the productivity and performance of their employees , infringing upon their right to privacy is definitely out of the question and may subject them to legal responsibilities (Hirsch

A Common Practice in the Workplace

In 2005 , the American Management Association (AMA ) conducted a study on workplace monitoring . The findings of the study revealed that 77 percent of leading U .S . companies are involved in the recording and review of their employees ' online workplace communications and activities Likewise , the study revealed that 65 percent of these companies use programs that would prevent employees from accessing sites that are considered by their employers as prohibited (Bassett

In addition , one-third of these companies monitor the number of strokes and time accumulated for using the keyboard . Over 50 percent of employers conduct a review and retention of electronic mail messages Majority of the participating countries have set forth policies regarding Internet use , such as office and personal e-mail , and more than 80 percent of employers reveal their monitoring practices to their employees (Bassett

The Kinds of Workplace Monitoring

For the companies that are involved in workplace monitoring , they may have some rights to the following kinds of monitoring

Telephone Monitoring . In most cases , employers may record or track calls for the purpose of quality control . The legal boundaries of telephone monitoring may vary from one state to another . For example , in California , employers are required to inform the employees that the latter 's calls are being recorded or tracked by installing a beep tone or a recorded message . Unfortunately , most companies in California are not aware of this law , so there are companies that monitor telephone conversations without the knowledge of the employee concerned ( Employee Monitoring : Is There Privacy in the Workplace

Computer Monitoring . The personal computer (PC ) of their employees serves as an avenue for employers to keep track of their employee 's work by installing a software program in the PCs . Another method of computer monitoring is the number of hours that an employee spends away from the computer . Again , laws on computer monitoring may vary depending on the state ( Employee Monitoring : Is There Privacy in the Workplace

Electronic and Voice Mail . In most instances , the e-mail messages of the...

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